Developing Software: Configure the MEAN stack files. Build System: Gulp

We know how to manage our dependencies, we know were to place our files, and once we know that, we need to build our application. But what does build our application exactly mean? We are developing a web application just with JavaScript, so we don't need to compile our code, although there are several useful … Continue reading Developing Software: Configure the MEAN stack files. Build System: Gulp


Developing Software: Configure the MEAN stack files. Package.json

Wow! Things are progressing quickly! Fantastic! We can begin to develop with the generated code previously, but probably we don't know what most files are for. It's time to explain the main configuration files we can found in our project structure.

Developing software: Project folder structure.

Oh, bureaucracy! What tedious and boring! OK, that's all over now. It's time for some action. Besides documentation, one of the worst thing to do is starting to develop. Where should I start? Web app or mobile app? Frontend or backend? How should I organize all folders and source code files? What...? Where...? How...? Don't panic!

Starting software projects: Design

Now that we have some requirements, it's time to start designing our application. The best choice is draft in a piece of paper a preview of the different pages, sections, windows, UI elements we need in our application. It could be useful to draw a flow between all the pages (in case of a web application) or Activities (in case of an Android application). At this time with should pay attention to UX (user experience) related to the UI, too.

Starting software projects: Requirements

First of all, I'd like to emphasize that all post are based on my experiences, and all of them are addressed to students, people without experience developing software, or people who have never started a project for themselves and they don't know how to start. I don't want to expand on to infinite and beyond so with these post I try to summarize the process to start a new project focusing on the main elements.

Starting software projects: Introduction

All right, we have a big idea, a complete revolution, something as never been seen before, but we have no idea about how to develop it or we don't knowing where to begin. I am not going to make this post into a software engineering lesson, but I would like to talk about my experiences developing projects from scratch and what I have learnt in other projects specially those that they had started before I became part of them.