Hi everyone! My name is Luis Vidal and I’m software developer, Android enthusiast, Java optimistic, MEAN full-stack apprentice, part-time self-taught and amateur pastry chef from time to time. I studied Computer Engineering at University of León (Spain) after my parents bought me my first computer in the 90’s. The fact that I was really fascinated about what a computer could (and can) do together with some programming lessons I got at high school brought about I studied Computer Engineering instead of an Architecture degree.

My career began in Hewlett-Packard (and still goes on today) because I took part in the Technology Observatory between HP and University of León. As a result, the project in which I took part won the first award as Best Project and my classmate and I both were hired by HP. That was my first touch with mobile development, first with WebOS, and then with Android. Three months after I started working in HP I decided to become a mentor in the Technology Observatory in collaboration with University of León, where two last grade students carried out a mobility project developed with Android and Spring. I have taken part in the Technology Observatory five times more since then, collaborating with different universities such us Valladolid, Burgos, León and Albacete. I have had 29 young padawan of which 9 were hired by HP. This is my track record:

  • 2011: First prize, Best Project Award as student.
  • 2013: First prize, Best Project Award (a group of 3 students) and Best Mentor Award.
  • 2014: First prize, Best Project Award (a group of 2 students).
  • 2015: First prize, Best Mentor Award.

I have experience working with Java, Java EE, Spring 3 and 4 (Boot, Core, Data), Struts, Hibernate, JPA, JBPM, Android, WebOS, AngularJS (1.x), Bootsrap 3, Angular Material, HTML 5, CSS, SASS, LESS, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Neo4j, MySQL, Oracle DB…


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